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1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament

750 East 4th North

Price, Utah 84501
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Event Start
8:30 AM  on  on May 3, 2014
Event End
5:00 PM  on  on May 3, 2014

Get your friends and come play some DODGEBALL! The Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County will be hosting a dodgeball tournament at Carbon High School on May 3rd. This is for anyone 16 years or older with parental consent to play. Teams will consist of 6 players and will cost $10 a person. You can sign up individually, we will make a team for you! You just have to turn in your waiver and money to guarantee a spot. Cap at 24 teams. Pool play goes from 9 am to noon. A single elimination tournament will start at 1pm. All players must be there with their waiver and money by 8:30. There will be a captains meeting May 2nd at 6pm to answer any questions and to turn in waivers and money. Costumes are not required but highly encouraged. There will be prizes for winners! You can call The Club or go to our website for more information. 637-6066                           

Event Start
8:30 AM  on  on Saturday, May 3, 2014
Event End
5:00 PM  on  on Saturday, May 3, 2014

$10 a person
Carbon High School
Additional Information

Dodgeball Rules The Teams: Each team may have 8-10 players. There will be 10 players maximum playing on the field a time but there may be one substitute per team (11the member). They may have one substitute that may go in at time outs or in the event of an injury. The substitute has to be there at the start of the game and pay tournament fees and sign the waiver. The Fields: We will be using the gyms at Carbon High School. We will use the volleyball courts divided into two equal sections. During pool play we will use the two volleyball courts in both gyms (two games per gym). During tournament play the competition volleyball lines will be used (one game per gym). Equipment: All participants are required to wear shirts, pants/shorts and shoes. Teams are welcome, and encouraged, to wear costumes. The balls used are gator skin soft dodgeballs. Play: The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “OUT”. This may be done by: 1. Hitting an opposing player with a thrown ball. 2. Catching a ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground or back wall (includes deflected balls). 3. Causing an opponent to drop a live ball as a result of contact by another thrown live ball. (usually occurs when a ball is being used as a shield to block a thrown ball.) 4. An opposing player stepping out of bounds. (To avoid getting hit and not because he or she is retrieving a ball - in which case you have 5 seconds to retrieve a ball, and come immediately back into the playing field.) 5. If a person deflects a thrown ball with another ball, they cannot get out (even if they are hit by the deflected ball). If someone catches the deflected ball, the person throwing the ball is out. 6. If a team has more players and all the balls they will have 10 seconds to throw a ball, or a player will be eliminated. 7. Any ball hitting the back wall is dead (as if it hit the floor). If a ball hits you, then the wall you are out. If the ball hits the wall then you, it is a dead ball. A ball laying on the floor shall be considered part of the floor. Game begins by placing the dodgeballs along the center line. Players then take a position at their back end line. Following a signal by the official, teams may approach the centerline to retrieve the balls. Sliding IS NOT permitted. This signal officially starts the contest. When there is only one player remaining for each team the referee will have each player, with ball in hand, go to the back of their side. The referee will then blow the whistle and both players have the entire court (no sides) for free for all to get the other opponent out. The Rush: Each and every ball retrieved at the opening rush must first be taken to the back boundary before it may be legally thrown at an opponent. Sliding will not be permitted; you must approach the center line under control. If you cross the line, you are out. Winning: The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner. A 7-minute time limit has been established for each game. If neither team has been eliminated at the end of the 7 minutes, the team with the greater number of players remaining will be declared the winner. All balls are dead (even if they are in the air) when the 7 minute horn sounds. In the case of an equal number of players remaining after regulation, a 3-minute sudden-death overtime period will be played. Three-on-three, first man out. Time Outs and Substitutes: Each team will be allowed one (1) 60 second timeout per game. Only the team captain may call timeout whether they are in or out. They must jump in the air and shout “TIME OUT” making a “T” with both hands. This is so there is no confusion for the referee when it is called. Once called, all players are deemed safe but must put their ball down exactly where they were. At this time a team may substitute players into the game. To get back into the game after the time out all players must start at the back of their boundaries and may go after the balls on their side after the referee blows the whistle. You must take them to the back of your boundaries before they can be thrown. One substitute per team. Substitutes may go into the game if there is an injury. Rule Enforcement: All players are expected to play by the honor code. Since people get caught up in the game there will be one referee per game and two line judges that teams sitting out will provide. They will be observing if a hit is legal or if people step out of bounds. Line judges will waive their hand and tell the referee of the infraction. The referee has final say. Boundaries: 1.During play, all players must remain within the boundary lines. 2. Players must only leave from the back line to retrieve balls and must return to the court by the back lines. 3. A player may be handed a ball, provided the player receiving the ball remains completely within their teams’ field boundaries. Players may be passed a ball while standing out of bounds. Spectators CANNOT pass balls. 4. A player shall not: a. Have any part of their body contact the playing surface on or over the sideline. b. Enter or re-enter the field through their sidelines. c. Leave the playing field to avoid being hit, or attempt to catch a ball. d. Have any part of their body cross the center line and contact ground on their opponents’ side of the court. This rule includes the rush at the beginning of the game. Penalty: Player will be declared out. Note: A player not immediately re-entering the playing area may be declared out. Code of Conduct: As with any activity that takes place in a school, all school rules apply for the duration of this event. 1. Understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game. 2. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials and volunteer staff. 3. Respect your opponent and congratulate them in a courteous manner following each match whether in victory or defeat. 4. Be responsible for your actions and maintain self-control. 5. Do not taunt or bait opponents and refrain from using foul or abusive language. 6. Skateboards are not permitted in the facilities. 7. No tobacco products or alcohol is permitted on the school grounds. 8. This is a family fundraiser, children are present. Swearing will not be tolerated, nor will fits of rage (kicking the bleachers, etc.) Anyone in violation of this code of conduct as declared by the tournament personnel will be disqualified from the tournament without refund and will leave the premises immediately. Have Fun!!!

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