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Free Waterfowl Hunting Clinic

DWR (435) 613-3700

DWR Souther Region (435) 820-8147

Event Start
9:00 AM  on  on Sep 12, 2015
Event End
2:00 PM  on  on Sep 12, 2015

Free Waterfowl Hunting Clinic

Elmo -- On Sept. 12, the Division of Wildlife Resources and Ducks Unlimited will sponsor a free waterfowl hunting clinic at the Desert Lake Waterfowl Management Area. The clinic runs from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The Desert Lake WMA is east of Elmo in Emery County.

“This will be the second year of many such events,” says Walt Maldonado, DWR regional wildlife recreation specialist. “We want this to be something youth and adults look forward to from one year to the next. We’ll offer seven different stations. Fun, action and excitement will be available at each one.”

Casey Olsen, Ducks Unlimited chapter chairman, says if you attend the clinic, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started in waterfowl hunting. “Even experienced hunters could learn a thing or two,” Olsen says.

At the seminar, you’ll learn how to call ducks and geese and place decoys for a variety of hunting conditions. You’ll also learn which firearms and ammunition are best for waterfowl hunting. Proper shooting techniques, which will increase the chance that you bag birds, will also be taught.

“You can also watch trained retrieving dogs in action,” says Olsen, who demonstrated with his own dogs last year. “There will be door prizes for the youth—specifically tailored to waterfowl hunters—as well as a prize for the best duck caller.”

If you already know how to call ducks, Maldonado says the clinic includes a duck calling contest. If you aren’t an experienced duck caller, you’ll get a crash course before the calling contest, which will take place at noon.

A station where youth can shoot clay pigeons from a duck blind will also be offered. The clay birds will be launched from various angles to simulate actual hunting conditions.

A variety of shotguns will be available for adults, youth and children to use. The shotguns include small guns with light loads. The small guns and light loads will help young shooters enjoy their introduction to the sport without worrying about recoil when they shoot.


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For more information about the free clinic, call the DWR’s Southeastern Region office at 435-613-3700.




Contact: Walt Maldonado, DWR Southeastern Region Wildlife Recreation Specialist, 435-820-8147

Event Start
9:00 AM  on  on Saturday, September 12, 2015
Event End
2:00 PM  on  on Saturday, September 12, 2015


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