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Intermountain Miniature Horse Show

Event Start
9:00 AM  on  on Aug 2, 2014
Event End
3:00 PM  on  on Aug 2, 2014

“Summer Jubilee” Miniature Horse Show - Intermountain Miniature Horse Club presents the 2014 “Summer Jubilee”.  Saturday, August 2 at the Carbon County Fairgrounds Indoor Arena. The fun starts at 9:00 AM!  FREE Admission!! Silent Auction table.  Bring the kids and the grandkids



Carbon County Fairgrounds – Saturday, August 2nd – 9:00 a.m.

Summer Jubilee Miniature Horse Show

Ticket donations:




Miniature Bay yearling colt – “Jeep Commander”

You won’t be buying gas for this “Jeep”!

Try your luck on a chance to win “Jeep” the miniature horse.  Because of their gentle, affectionate nature and small size, a miniature horse is an excellent pet. It is not uncommon to have a little nose nuzzling you as you work in the barn or pasture. A wonderful way to teach young children responsibility as they learn to love and care for their very own mini. Older people have found the miniature to be an excellent substitute for the full-sized horse they no longer feel physically able to handle.  The miniature horse is an elegant,  scaled-down version of the large size horse measuring no taller than 34” at the withers.  A bale of hay will typically last a mini  a month! Like big horses, they need their shots and a good deworming program. A miniature horse will give you “mini” years of love and laughter. 

Come and enjoy a day at the fair and get to know these wonderful little animals and their owners!

Tickets available the day of the show or contact Linda May @ 637-5685 


Today’s American Miniature Horse…

The Horse For Everyone!


Irresistible…Versatile…Showable… And no taller than 34” at the base of the last hairs of the mane…the American Miniature Horse is truly the “Horse For Everyone.” If you have yet to see an American Miniature Horse or have made the discovery and want to know more, Welcome to the World of Miniatures!

 For young people, Miniature Horse ownership encourages a sense of accomplishment. Guiding a child in the care of a Miniature Horse teaches discipline, responsibility and respect. Working with a Miniature builds confidence and self-esteem – qualities that carry into adult life. Children intimidated by large horses tend to eagerly embrace a Miniature Horse. And Miniature foals are especially lovable standing 16 to 21 inches!

Adults too reap the rewards of Miniature Horse ownership; it is not uncommon to see grandparent and grandchild joining to care for or work with their horses. Keeping a Miniature Horse is about one-tenth the cost of maintaining a large horse; basically the feeding program is the same but clean-up is much smaller!

American Miniature Horses are owned and loved by people of all ages and especially by those who have the time and ability to invest in, share and enjoy them.  The Miniature Horse makes an ideal show partner with talents ranging from halter, jumping, costume and liberty classes to driving and obstacle.

The Carbon County Fair along with the Intermountain Miniature Horse Club invite you to the “Summer Jubilee” Miniature Horse show to be held Saturday, August 2nd at the Carbon County Fairgrounds. The fun begins at 9 a.m. and is free to the public. Please come and enjoy a day of fun at the fair with the miniature horses and their owners   

Event Start
9:00 AM  on  on Saturday, August 2, 2014
Event End
3:00 PM  on  on Saturday, August 2, 2014

Carbon County Fairgrounds

Basic Directions

Take exit 240 off highway 6 and head west.  At intersection turn left and follow signs to fairgrounds.