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Energy Loop Nat’l Scenic Byway

599 West Price River Drive

Price, UT 84501
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The Energy Loop, or Huntington and Eccles Canyon National Scenic Byway, provides breathtaking views of the world below. Maintained by state and national agencies, the Byway provides a series of kiosks for the well-informed traveler. Relax, enjoy the picturesque atmosphere and learn the geologic, historical and environmental background of each region.

Wildlife and Flora
The Energy Loop is home to thousands of plant species. Enjoy the many varieties of trees and flowers. Bird watchers appreciate the solitude of watching meadowlarks, eagles, hawks and a multitude of birds that live or migrate through Castle Country. Hunting season brings game hunters from all over the world to try their skill against the elk, deer, bear and mountain lions.

Outdoor Adventures
Hike along crystal clear streams that follow or intersect the loop. Or, challenge yourself to a high-mountain trail filled with sheer ascents and canyons that drop thousands of feet.

Picnic in well-maintained campgrounds or in a secluded grove of aspens and pines. Camp where amenities abound or so far away that you're in the rough.

Beautiful in all Seasons
Enjoy the seasons along the loop. Spring, with its bulging streams, budding trees, melting snow and promise of renewal. Summer, filled with bright wild flowers, crystal streams, dense foliage and peaceful enjoyment.  />Autumn comes alive with the fiery colors of an enchanted forest to be seen; but not quite believed. Winter creates a study in contrasts from the whiteness of the snow and rich green of the pines to the quiet cross-country skier seeking the quiet solitude of the snow, or to the thrill-seeking, snowmobiler.

This beautiful Byway is called The Energy Loop because of the coal mines throughout the mountain terrain that provide fuel to power plants below and Electric Lake which provides water for the Huntington Power Plant.

Click here for a PDF with a Map and further explanation of the Scenic Byway

Fee camping available at developed camp sites. Undeveloped campsites are first come, first serve.

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Basic Directions

One leg of the byway begins at the junction of Hwy 6 and Hwy 96 and travels through Scofield to Hwy. 264 and continue traveling through Eccles Canyon 15 miles to the Junction of Hwy. 264 and Hwy. 31.Turning right at the junction will take you to Fairview and Hwy 89 where this leg of the byway ends. Turning left you will travel 39 miles to Huntington City and Hwy. 10. This leg of the byway ends at Huntington State Park approximately 2.5 miles north of Huntington City. If you continue on Hwy. 6 past the junction you will travel 24 miles to the City of Helper where this leg of the byway ends.
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