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Scenic Drives

Skyline Drive Scenic Backway

  • 435-637-2817
Map Scenery along the steep spine of the Wasatch Plateau afford the driver alpine vistas of stony mountaintops towering over the tall pines.

Nine Mile Scenic Backway

  • 435-636-3600
Map Outstanding viewing of prehistoric rock art, dwellings and graineries left by the Fremont Indians who flourished here between 400 AD and about 1300 AD people.

Energy Loop Nat’l Scenic Byway

  • 435-636-3525
Map The route was named the Energy Loop as this area in Castle Country is where some of the areas natural resources are produced. The natural light along this route causes the scenery to change on an hourly basis. The mountains become silhouetted against the sky throughout the day and are particularly spectacular at sunset when the sky changes to crimson reds and orange. Catch sight of wildlife including elk, deer, bear and mountain lion, many varieties of trees, flowers and birds.

Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway

  • 435-636-3619
Map Visit Dinosaur Diamond National Scenic Byway which runs through an eastern portion of Utah and a western portion of Colorado and located on the northern edge of the Colorado Plateau