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in the Corridor

Carbon Corridor is one of Utah's most diverse areas for wildlife habitat and the ability to see the magnificent animals that live in these parts.  Take some time to glass the hills and desert floors for our furry neighbors.  You'll be shocked at how often you see a beautiful pair of eyes peering back at you.

Below you'll read about various species that can be spotted. Click on each link to see the best season for viewing, where you're best bet is to spot them and directions for how to get there.


Some pronghorn antelope make their home in Nine Mile Canyon.

Big Horn Sheep

Sunnyside's Big Horn Sheep are easy to view from the road.

Black Bear

Spotting a black bear is certainly a memorable experience.


Coyotes are very common on the deserts in our area


Observing an elk bugling is truly a sight and sound to behold.

Game Birds

There are several different types of game birds in this area

Mountain Lion or Cougar

Mountain Lions are found in the mountainous regions of our area.

Mule Deer

Deer can be seen in many different parts of our area.


Raptors make their home in Nine Mile Canyon and high up along The Energy Loop Scenic Byway.

Red Tail Fox

Nine Mile canyon provides an open habitat for the red tail fox.

Wild Horses and Burrows

Free roaming wild horses and burros inhabit the San Rafael Swell.