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Lace up your hiking boots, our trails are waiting for you. The trails in the Corridor are perfect if you are looking for breathtaking views without the crowds. #hikethecorridor

Gordon Creek Trail

Gordon Creek Trail & Waterfall represents one of Cardon County's best areas for hiking. Fun for all ages, you can hike, bike, or ride! For more information, click here Gordon Creek Story Map 

Buried Forest Concretions

The one-mile long hike trail leads to a unique geological feature where round concreations, which are common in the area, have sheared in the cliff face and have the appearance of the butt end of petrified trees. Thousands of these concretions do the landscape following the Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale Formations. The staging area for the hike is about a 25-minute drive from Price. To get there, you turn on a gravel road 2.4 miles east of the Sunnyside Junction on the south side of Highway 6, follow the signs. The short, moderate hike is one mile in length with one semi-steep section. 

Buried Forest Concretions Map Link

Buried Forest Concretions Story Map

Price Canyon Recreation Area

Price Canyon Recreation Area offers visitors a chance to enjoy cooler temperatures during the summer months. The recreation area is located on a ridge high above Price Canyon. Closed in the winter months, the canyon usually reopens Memorial Weekend. The bristlecone Pine nature trail that leads to strands of bristlecone pine trees follows the old Ford Ridge communication towers and is great for beginner or intermediate hikers. 

Nine Mile Canyon

Nine Mile Canyon is an outdoor museum of sorts, being famous for its prehistoric Fremont Indian ruins, petroglyphs, and pictographs. It has great hiking trails at Danny's Canyon Complex, Big Buffalo, & the Great Hunt Panel.